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Nov 17, 2009

Not in His Image


Not in His Image was published in November 2006 by Chelsea Green, a publisher dedicated to the practice and politics of sustainability. Some of you may know of Chelsea Green through their books on solar heating, earth and straw bale houses, organic gardening, and other topics relating to ecology and alternative living, going back over more than 20 years. With John Lash's book, CGS is challenging the ideology and beliefs that threaten survival on this precious planet and presenting John's careful recovery and restoration of the Gnostic myth of the earth goddess, Sophia, who we today call Gaia.

This series of ten talks, which ran from February through June 2007, were interviews with my collaborator and longtime friend, John Lash, about his book.
- Joanna Harcourt-Smith

-Future Primitive (homepage)

Segment 2 -mp3 recommended


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