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Nov 12, 2009

Get Off It

Listen to the Excellent Red Ice Radio interview

Nick Rosen - Going Off-Grid,
How to Escape the Big Brother System

Author Nick Rosen joins Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio to talk about his book "How to live Off-Grid", how to disconnect from the big brother system, how to escape the spies all around us and how to live independently, either within our outside, of the big brother grid. Nick is a freelance journalist and behind the website Off-Grid.net. Topics Discussed: Big Brother, Intrusive Power of the State, Bankers, Money, Paying the Bills, Solar Panel, Being in the System, Snooping, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pre-paid Phones, Data Selling, Is That an Economy, Intelligent Buildings, Information Society, Control Human Beings, purpose for all of this snooping, Predicting our Move, Ways to Thwart Big Brother, Cashless Society, Anonymous, Serco, Acxiom, Off Grid in the City, Luddite, Energy, Water, Russian Gas, Peak Oil, Off Grid America, Organic Products, Green Labeling, "Ecover", Solar panels, Anaerobic Digesters, LETS, Bartering System, Living Off Grid in the North where the Weather is Cold, Technology being Withheld, Patents and Inventions, General Electric, Electric Car, Battery, Lithium Batteries, Fuel Cells, Cold Fusion, The Smart Grid and much more.


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