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Nov 27, 2009

Evolving in a Dangerous Eden


Whether you believe in a God or not, it's safe to say you would agree that humanity has learned, however imperfectly, many lessons over the past several millennia, lessons entrusted to progeny through the oral and written history of our ancestors.
Let us revisit several of the more painful ones...


The Kogi, says Reichel-Dolmatoff, dedicate their lives to the learning of ‘The Law of the Mother’, the body of esoteric knowledge that contains ‘the myths and traditions, the songs and spells, and all the rules that regulate ritual’. A man ‘should never work for material gain and should not make efforts to acquire more than he needs in order to feed and house his family’ but should dedicate himself to learning so as to ‘contribute to the maintenance of the world order ... and reach old age in a state of wisdom and tolerance.’ But Reichel-Dolmatoff warns against imputing any romantic idea of the ‘noble savage’ - ‘yulúka’, the process by which balance is achieved, does not mean blissful tranquillity but an acceptance and rationalisation of harsh reality. An old máma once said to him: ‘You are asking me what is life; life is food, a woman - then a house, a field - then, god.’ This realistic approach is constantly mentioned as being a respected and desirable attribute in a Kogi.

-from Kogi Cosmology Taironatrust.org


At 6:34 PM , Blogger Zoro said...

The slightly bizarre issue focusing on many "wise" words from indigenous people, is that these sybillan utterances may possibly be 50 years too late (I have no evidence). They have at the very least a haphazard track record in the prophesy game. I sense personally the personhood of Earth, mountains, rivers, seas, people. For my sins I am a poor lost utopian who enjoys the writing of Rousseau and I delight in "communism" as a free association of humanist communities and themed communes. In reality, the unfolding is the major focus and the Truth? The path with a heart, dig?


At 9:55 PM , Blogger Indigobusiness said...

I recieved an alert from Alan Ereira that a 2nd film is in the works. The following is from the letter:

---In April, the Kogi Mamas summoned me back to Colombia and, in a very remarkable meeting high on their mountain, said that the global situation has deteriorated massively and they are now really certain that the world will die unless we change our behaviour. In particular, they spoke about the role of sacred sites in managing the care of nature and the environment, something they say we cannot understand and which they must now demonstrate. They insist that their "spiritual" activities at these sites have visible material results at locations far from the sites themselves, and they want to demonstrate this.---

I'd wager Kogi cosmology is nothing like anything you've ever considered, Z.

I'd also wager they are far more sophisticated in their philosophy than you realize. When the Kogi refer to our inability to understand something, I have no doubt. But that's just my take. If you were to dig more deeply into this, you might have a shift in perspective, as I did. The first film rocked my world. The cosmology revealed is mind-blowing.


"...an important point in Kogi teachings: one must be able to “forget time.”

~Time, Space and ‘declutching’ time


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