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Oct 23, 2009

Spies All Around

Living off the grid –
how to escape the spies all around us

At the wheel, at the till and at the computer keyboard we are all being watched. Here's a few ways to keep your life private

We are constantly under surveillance, by camera, by the chips in our debit, credit or store cards. When we telephone or e-mail our friends, numerous agencies and private companies instantaneously know what we are doing and where we are doing it from. We can barely turn on a light or the oven without someone, somewhere, tracking our every move.

We believe that we cannot escape this casual surveillance of our lives so we casually accept it. But thousands of people are finding ways to avoid the day-to-day tracking by stepping wholly or partly outside the system and its control.


Nick Rosen is the author of How to Live Off-Grid.
Find out more about off-grid living at www.off-grid.net


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