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Oct 31, 2009


Marianne Faithfull in the Sear Sound Studio NYC recording Salvation from the new album Easy Come Easy Go.

Marianne Faithfull enlisted an impressive group of people to contribute to her 22nd album, a collection of wide-ranging covers titled Easy Come, Easy Go.
The album, which will be released by Naive Records on Dec. 9, was recorded at New York City's Sear Sound by producer Hal Willner (Lou Reed, Lucinda Williams) last December. The band backing Faithfull featured Marc Ribot, Greg Cohen, Rob Burger, Barry Reynolds and the Dirty Three's Jim White.

Vocal collaborators were even more impressive: Sean Lennon on Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's "Salvation" and Judee Sill's "The Phoenix," Chan Marshall and Lennon on Neko Case's "Hold On, Hold On," Nick Cave on The Decemberists' "The Crane Wife 3," Rufus Wainwright on Espers' "Children Of Stone," Teddy Thompson on Brian Eno's "How Many Worlds," Antony Hegarty on Smokey Robinson And The Miracles' "Ooh Baby Baby," Keith Richards on Merle Haggard's "Sing Me Back Home," Jarvis Cocker on Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim's West Side Story tune, "Somewhere (A Place For Us)," and Kate and Anna McGarrigle on the traditional "Flandyke Shore."
Lennon and Thompson also contributed on guitar, while Bad Seeds member Warren Ellis added violin to three songs.

Here are the songs, with their original artists in parentheses, on
Easy Come, Easy Go:

Disc one:

"Down From Dover" (Dolly Parton)
"Hold On, Hold On" (Neko Case)
"Solitude" (Billie Holiday)
"The Crane Wife 3" (The Decemberists)
"Easy Come, Easy Go" (Bessie Smith)
"Children Of Stone" (Espers)
"How Many Worlds" (Brian Eno)
"In Germany Before The War" (Randy Newman)
"Ooh Baby Baby" (Smokey Robinson And The Miracles)
"Sing Me Back Home" (Merle Haggard)

Disc two:
"Salvation" (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)
"Black Coffee" (Sarah Vaughn)
"The Phoenix" (Judee Sill)
"Dear God Please Help Me" (Morrissey)
"Kimbie" (Jackson C. Frank)
"Many A Mile To Freedom" (Traffic)
"Somewhere (A Place For Us)" (Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim) "Flandyke Shore" (traditional)


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