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Aug 5, 2009

Kundalini Tales


An interview with Richard SAUDER

Some Mind Control victims –from Kathleen Sullivan to Cathy O’Brien- and less known victims all agreed to says that they have been guided to underground military bases, sometimes very weird. Is it plausible or was is a deliberate set up, a show to intimidate them?

Richard Sauder: There certainly have been many people who have reported being abducted, in some cases seemingly by American military units or intelligence operatives, and taken to mysterious underground facilities or bases where they have witnessed and experienced highly unusual events and procedures, in some cases even involving entities that appear non-human, or perhaps extraterrestrial. As the numbers of such reports grow over the years, I am inclined to believe that at least some of these reports must be credible, and maybe a great many of them. There is frequently also an element of mind control involved in these stories. In my research, I have personally communicated with a number of people who have reported being taken to strange underground facilities. I can mention the ones I have spoken with who have already gone public with their stories. Christa Tilton, who is perhaps best known for coming forth with her story about being taken to what she called the Dulce base back in the 1980s, where she saw very strange technological apparatuses and creatures, and had many bizarre experiences; Melinda Leslie, who is very actively involved in researching and speaking about this very theme as a result of her own abductions and experiences; Larry Warren, the UFO investigator and co-author with Peter Robbins of the book, Left at East Gate, who was taken to a secret, deep underground base beneath the American military base at Bentwaters in southern England; and the mind control researcher and activist, Carol Rutz, author of the book, A Nation Betrayed, who has also written and spoken on these topics as a consequence of her own horrific experiences as a child and young woman.

In this regard, I might also mention the writings and research of the late Karla Turner, whose work also touched on this question, in part, and with whom I had some very brief contact before her death.

Of course these experiences and abductions to underground bases are staged! In the sense that they are not normal, everyday events, it is only logical to say that they are staged. The question is: why, and by whom, are they staged? The more I work with these sorts of questions and stories the more I am forced to question the nature of reality itself. It may be the case that virtually everything that happens on this planet is “staged” or in some sense programmed by the directors of the theatrical production called “Life on Earth” that we are all starring in. Maybe the directors mostly remain just out of sight in the wings, or underground. Though there is definitely a mind control theme that reoccurs in many of these stories, there is also a genetic theme that keeps popping up too.

Perhaps what you are getting at in your question is whether all human beings, all “apparent” human beings, are really human, or terrestrial humans, at any rate. Perhaps others have so seamlessly woven themselves into our race and our reality that they can stage operations where they move humans back and forth between our reality and theirs, using the American military, and subterranean military installations, as one cover for their machinations. Of course this raises the question as to how much of what we see and recognize as “terrestrial human” reality really is “terrestrial human” reality! The short answer for me is: who knows? I have arrived at the point where it is clear to me that we are postively awash in a sea of misinformation, disinformation, lies, propaganda, deceit and cover-ups of every conceivable and inconceivable variety. Who in their right mind believes anymore that they can read the daily newspaper or watch the television news broadcasts and find out what “really” is happening on planet Earth? Probably like most people reading this interview I went away to school and learned from my teachers the “facts” of and about life, the world, history, society, the universe, and so forth ad nauseam. Now I am questioning almost everything!

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At 3:38 PM , Blogger La Sirena said...

Wasn't that the point of Plato's "... Cave"? Sorta -- we're all convinced that these shadows are real. The best teacher I ever had repeatedly told us he was going to drag us all kicking and screaming from our caves and into the sunshine.

I work with people diagnosed with schizophrenia and I get really pissed at some of the young residents who say that our patients are "lying" when they won't own up to hearing voices they are clearly responding to, for example.

And so much of current psychiatry -- at least when working with people suffering from psychosis -- is tethering people to so-called reality. (Which isn't all bad, but it is usually incredibly limiting to everyone involved.)

But reality is only reality because it is the status quo's accepted version of events (which incidentally would still be hugely variant within the status quo) and an "actively psychotic" patient is still experiencing a reality -- it's just kind of an isolated one.

I've occasionally experienced the rare privelege of being able to connect with someone in this situation because I try to meet them in or near their reality instead of imposing mine on them. But they don't teach shit like that in school. It would upset the ox cart, tip the canoe, whatnot...

The whole reality thing just seems so arbitrary to me. And frankly, I think everybody has been settling for a reaaly lame, stultifying version of events, lately.

But that's probably just me imposing my reality on everyone else.

Anyhow... Shakespeare was right, again.

At 4:09 PM , Blogger Indigobusiness said...

Indeed and amen, Horatio.


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