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Mar 14, 2009


Pharmageddon II: From One Scam to Another

Kjeld Heising

Let us then for a moment turn back to our own world. As we saw, it was here the depopulation got implemented first. In the first hand, it did not include vaccination as a main tool, but had a more complex and subtle character. Massive influence was used via mass media. When the international banker J.P. Morgan before World War I asked a handful of leading newspaper editors to investigate how many leading media should be bought, in order to be able to control the flow of news in the whole world - and what it would cost - they came back with the figure 25. It didn't take Morgan long to take control over them.

Today, the centralization has taken a far bigger scale. There are thousand more media and the circle of owners is not bigger but smaller. The media of the western world are essentially one and the same network. Media influence is therefore easier than ever. And it has created public movements completely in the spirit of the Kissinger memo: Family functions taken over by public authorities, dissolution of the family, decreasing commitment to have children, focusing on the labour market, encouraging homosexuality and single life. The NSSM 200 has done very well all over the West.

At the same time, rootless, lonesome and dysfunctional humans have been formed - easy victims of what we can call guru-constructions: A sort of higher power which one can put responsibility of one's life in the hands of. One of them is the pharmaceutical industry, which in many ways has taken over where the church has left. "Deliver us from all evil" we reel off when we (from the same industry) receive the daily bulletin on new dangers from the world of microbes. "Give us today our daily medicine" we whimper, when we (from the same industry) get the bulletin that another saving agent has been created.


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