"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."

Oct 22, 2008

Symbolic Literacy



If thou wilt know the invisible open wide thine eyes on the visible

– Kabalistic Adage

Humans are destined to rise to the level of cosmic consciousness. Each one is destined to actualize the level of the “Meta-Human.” This ascent from the present “embryonic” state cannot, however, be activated by will, desire, or any other conscious force. It comes as a necessary predicate to human organic existence and is circumscribed by the inviolate laws of nature. Its impulse lies seed-like within the deepest strata of the Being. We cannot force the lotus to grow against its true nature nor force human consciousness to develop in one specific direction, at one particular rate. Attempted intervention and control of this kind results only in confusion, calamity, and ruin.

If we find our natural organic development being stunted, impeded, or in a static state, it follows that there is a reason for the predicament. Man’s retrograde spiritual development is, in the mind of this author, not occurring due to the lack of desire for attaining it or because of Man's failure to comprehend his ontology intellectually. It is, in fact, due to subtle impediments occluding its dynamic movement. Until these impediments are removed all the secondary incentives, strategies, or preoccupations in the world are not going to avail it. During the sixties, for instance, the prevailing mood among the sensitive was that western man was approaching the denouement of his moral and spiritual evolution. Drugs and drug-taking were, at that time, even considered a means to this end. Yet, in spite of such diversions into pseudo-shamanism, despite the good intentions, the healthy mass rebellion, fine catch-phrases, and the “do or die” conviction of so many intellectuals and counter-cultural pundits, mankind still finds itself in a worse state, morally and spiritually, than it was just thirty or so years ago. Today, we find that the reactive excursion into the fields and philosophy of technology may be for the most part, as predicted, yet another escape, yet another dead-end. Technology as we see it today, for all its utilitarian benefits, is hardly bringing people together, hardly fostering social cohesion. Amongst the youth the digital “revolution” merely reinforces estrangement and the “masculine” modes of expression and cognition. This does not mean that it has to go, for the technology behind the internet, for instance, is a valuable "flaming sword" to be used by the forces of "Light" in the meta-battle that is taking place on this planet and whose end-game is definitely in sight.


In individuals, insanity is rare, but in groups, parties, nations and epochs it is the rule.

- Fredrick Nietzsche

We inhabit a Universe that no amount of scientific exploration is ever going to fully comprehend. This much has been scientifically and mathematically proven. As the knowledge of left-hemisphere cognition increases so does the amount of human ignorance. Mathematical equations have even been found which delineate this. And need we add that the very means of gaining scientific knowledge is often profoundly uneconomical and destructive. The physical and applied sciences that are meant to be, and pose as being, impartial and objective are constantly found to be subservient to the control of power monopolies, corporations, and even secretive governmental ”think-tanks” which make sure that the research follows their often perfidious agendas. Luckily, the metaphysical sciences and arts are, comparatively, not yet so underwritten. It is obvious that if we are really to apprehend the great underlying truths, the metaphysical and occult sciences are the most attractive means to do so. It is for this reason that the “New Age” movement, though retarded by its initial fallacies and fantasies, came into being. Once it becomes proactive and disciplined, instead of reactive and chaotic, as it is succeeding to become, discoveries of real importance to all on the planet will be forthcoming and transmittable. These truths will be universal and not reserved to one’s class or financial and intellectual status.

Man seeks ever to increase his knowledge but tends to overlook the fact that his mind must forget as it learns. Knowledge comes to us but it is a knowledge gained through narrow left-brain cognitive abilities, though exclusion, partiality, and fragmentation, and not from seeing the world as it actually is. Dream is the closest most of us come to the reservoir of ancestral knowledge and knowing, to that “Akashic Record” which lies within the unconscious and on a biologically cellular level. When we finally manage to consciously utilize our Right-Brain capacities we will, like the ancients, be able to see reality as it is and end the "subject versus object" dichotomy which holds us from a true and direct rapport with life.


Man may cease in his insane desire to peer into the future when he understands the magnitude of what he has already been given by his forebearers and when he fully and deeply grasps the vital importance of the present moment in which he lives and breathes. The man who understands the sanctity and value of the NOW wastes no time, not even a moment, worrying about tomorrow's world or the quest for "perfection." For the authentic self, tomorrow does not exist, and man is already perfect. It is the ignorance that prevents awareness of this fact that concerns the rational man. The higher guides of such a man are continuously teaching and caring for his welfare. They teach quietly by symbol and intimation, by dream and vision. The man who listens and heeds his numinous guides is instructed in the Art of Life and not merely the mechanics of it. His life becomes a living mandala of many petals and colors, one that cannot be erased by time or death.


We shall not cease from exploration,
And the end of all our exploring,
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

-T. S. Eliot (Quartets)




Stop doing...and just be...


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