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Nov 2, 2007

Halt to Executions

US supreme court calls a halt to executions

· Judges to consider legality of lethal injection
· Moratorium after inmate wins last-minute reprieve

Suzanne Goldenberg in Washington
Thursday November 1, 2007
The Guardian

America's execution chambers fell idle yesterday after the supreme court made it clear it will allow no more prisoners to be put to death until it reviews the legality of lethal injection.

Death penalty campaigners yesterday said they expected the informal moratorium to last at least until next summer when the supreme court is expected to issue its ruling.

The moratorium follows a decision by the supreme court on Tuesday night to block the execution of a Mississippi inmate minutes before he was to be put to death. Earl Wesley Berry, who has been on death row for 19 years for the murder of a woman, had been served his last supper and was 15 minutes away from execution when the court intervened.

Thou shalt not kill.


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