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Oct 23, 2007

Wild Turkeys Gone Wild

Turkeys take to cities, towns

A wild turkey strolled along a sidewalk on Beacon Street in Brookline. The birds can grow to weigh roughly 20 pounds and stand 4 feet tall. (Globe Staff Photo / Mark Wilson)

BROOKLINE - On a recent afternoon, Kettly Jean-Felix parked her car on Beacon Street in Brookline, fed the parking meter, wheeled around to go to the optician and came face to face with a wild turkey.

The turkey eyed Jean-Felix. Jean-Felix eyed the turkey. It gobbled. She gasped. Then the turkey proceeded to follow the Dorchester woman over the Green Line train tracks, across the street, through traffic, and all the way down the block, pecking at her backside as she went.

"This is so scary," Jean-Felix said, finally taking refuge inside Cambridge Eye Doctors in Brookline's bustling Washington Square. "I cannot explain it."

Notify the neighbors: The turkeys are spreading through suburbia. Wild turkeys, once eliminated in Massachusetts, are flourishing from Plymouth to Concord and - to the surprise of some wildlife officials - making forays into densely populated suburban and urban areas, including parts of Boston, Cambridge and, most recently, Brookline.

Throw beads?


At 9:12 PM , Blogger twit said...

I'm all for this.
Let the turkeys roam the streets.


Admire those critters for a while, as they wander past... why not?

Then, when you're hungry; kill one, nice & quick.

Cook, eat, enjoy.
Be connected.

It's got to be better for both our species, than the horrific torture-farms we ignore at the moment.

At 9:51 PM , Blogger Indigobusiness said...

Tom turkeys can kick your ass...and open your gullet with one kick.

Magnificent birds. Sometimes they wake me up, gobbling, in macho groups across the river.

Sometimes they glide in like dive-bombers, to land in my neighbor's yard. Thrilling as hell to witness.

Can't quite get the image of Stan Ridgway -singing Wall of Voodoo's 'Animal Day'- out of my head.


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