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Sep 18, 2007

Secrets of the Observer

The Secrets of Observer Mathematics Revealed
Discovering the Mathematical System of the Universe,
Based on the Presence of the Observer

How does the universe work? We all wonder about this, and great effort has been expended to answer this question. I set out 12 years ago to see if I could discover something new about this question, especially in regard to the mathematics of the universe. I did this because certain good and original insights had already occurred to me, and it was clear that these had been overlooked by academic researchers. The end result of this exhaustively detailed, 12-year reexamination of everything having to do with mathematics, physics, and science generally, is that I have discovered an entirely new understanding of what mathematics is, and how it works to produce the laws of the universe. Mere theory is replaced with provable fact.

What we discover is that the field of “mathematics” must actually begin with observable mathematical forms, and not with the abstraction currently believed to be correct at the universities.

If I asked you to round up a basketball, a paper towel tube, and a circular disk (like a coaster from a coffee table), you could easily do so. The result would be that you would already be holding in your hands the true basis for mathematics: the sphere, the cylinder, and the (hollow) circular disk. Any person can understand what these are. When we then apply numbers to these forms, the result is an entirely new system based on what a normal observer in three dimensions sees, the system of observer mathematics (never discovered in the entire 5,000-year history of mathematics). And it turns out that this is the mathematics used to create the universe. It truly is that simple. We discover that there are no “higher dimensions,” even for Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity; there has been a misunderstanding. We see over and over that the observer mathematics system directly solves the many unsolved problems in physics, chemistry, and astrophysics.

This book will formally take you through the entire derivation of arithmetic and basic mathematics from the ground floor up. We discover over 50 main mathematical patterns that all academic mathematicians have overlooked (especially relative to defining numbers on a circular disk, like a kitchen clock). We then extend arithmetic to produce the other operations of basic mathematics. Right now, when these subjects are taught in schools, they are presented in a disconnected hodge-podge, and even with incorrect information (for example, the current claim by mathematicians that the number 1 is not a prime number). The understanding presented in this book brings order out of chaos for all of mathematics, and becomes the natural and automatic framework for how it should be sequentially taught. Any person could come to understand this book. Click this link to download:


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