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Sep 6, 2007

Bums Not Bombs

"Bums for Bush"
protesters won't turn the other cheek

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Published: Wednesday September 5, 2007

A game group of Australian anti-war protesters are planning a cheeky protest against a visit by US President George W. Bush -- baring their bottoms in what they hope will be a world-record moon.

Organiser Will Saunders said the Friday protest was aimed at lightening the mood in Sydney, a city currently patrolled by 5,000 police and soldiers and divided by a massive steel and concrete fence ahead of the APEC summit.

Police have said they expect violence during a series of protests against the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit which will gather together 21 leaders from around the world.

"There's this heaviness about the protests," Saunders told AFP.

"It's hoped to make the point that protests don't have to be these terribly heavy serious things."

The "Bums Not Bombs" group will particularly target Bush, whose unpopular war in Iraq has been strongly backed by Australian Prime Minister John Howard.


At 7:04 AM , Blogger JoeC said...

Ok, I won't really complain if the media doesn't show photos of this protest on the front page...


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