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Jan 27, 2010

Antichrist: Truth and Falsehood

The System of Antichrist:
Truth and Falsehood in Postmodernism and the New Age

By Charles Upton

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Charles Upton brings to wider public attention a new religious phenomenon. Neither religious fundamentalism nor liberal ecumenism, neither occultism nor the New Age--the return of Traditional Metaphysics, based on the doctrine of The Transcendent Unity of Religions, drawn from the little-known writings of the Traditionalist School that includes Ananda Coomaraswamy, Frithjof Schuon, Titus Burckhardt, Martin Lings, Seyyed hossein Nasr, Leo Schaya, and others--founded by modern metaphysician and prophetic writer Renè Guènon, who died in 1950. This phenomenon is the true Third Force in spirituality today.

The System of Antichrist is based on an extensive study of comparative religion and metaphysics, thirteen years practicing under the guidance of a Sufi master, and first-hand experience of the Beatnic scene, the liberal peace movement, the "psychedelic" counterculture and the New Age movement. Through Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and Zoroastrianism, Upton traces the doctrine of Antichrist as a negative force that explains contemporary social and individual fragmentation and decay. In an exegesis that is centered on the Truth of traditional metaphysics, he explains the psychic phenomenon of UFO's, delves into the pitfalls of postmodern "philosophy", and identifies the hazards and inconsistencies of occultism and the New Age.

Consistent with his theme of the deterioration and materialization of society and community, Upton illuminates the signs that mark the end of the cosmic cycle known in Hinduism as the Kali Yuga (Iron Age). The legends from a variety of religions, from Christianity to the Hopi and Lakota Indians, show correspondence and consistency in their reflection of the eternal meaning of the end of "this world," of Antichrist as both historical figure and symbol of the human ego, and of the awakening from the illusory dream of of "this world" when the ego is annihilated in God.
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At 4:27 PM , Blogger Zoro said...

Apart from lambasting virtually anyone within earshot, for my next trick I will metamorphose into a pheasant plucker and kiss my very own ass.

I took it as read that because I was an anarchiste, then needs must make me an anti-christ. However, since christ has been dead over 2000 years I get the mind-numbingly boring job of tilting at windmills.

All because millions of neutered ohbejoyfuls won't give up the ghost. Therefore I resign as an anti-christ and donate my red lurex costume to a gang of fun-lovers in Brighton. I never knowingly misrepresented either the shepherds or the sheepdogs. God knows what a dog lover I am. Is that enough, grim reaper? More penance you say? You chat shit says I.



At 7:52 PM , Blogger Indigobusiness said...

One of these days I fear you'll disappear up the whirlwind of your own vortex.


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