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Dec 13, 2009

Slouching Towards Bethlehem

The Rise of the Rough Beast

By Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince book-of-thoth.com

Adapted from a lecture by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince at the Saunière Society Symposium, Conway Hall, London [from http://www.templarlodge.com/stargate.html].


...there is a growing sense of expectancy that some event, or revelation, will change the world forever. For fundamentalist Christians it is the Second Coming -- but you don’t have to be a fundamentalist Christian to share the belief that the world is soon going to change, and change radically.

The one thing that many of these expectations have in common is the sense that the past is catching up with us -- that the transformation of our future will, in some way, be connected to the ancient past. Ancient sites around the world are the focus of Millennium Fever -- but none more so than those of Egypt, and particularly the Giza Plateau. Many believe that some revelation connected with the Great Pyramid, or with the Sphinx, will be the trigger for a New Age.

Such expectancy, such hope, such belief is very, very potent. It is wide open for exploitation -- not just for financial gain, but for those who want to try to change the way we think. And that is what Lynn and I believe is happening. Our book, The Stargate Conspiracy, describes a 50- year-long plot to create, and then exploit, expectations about ancient Egypt as part of what amounts to a programme of social engineering. It is a very high-level plot that, essentially, aims to hijack the very real mysteries of ancient Egypt in order to push other quasi-religious and even political ideas.

Instrumental in this plot are the psychological warfare units of intelligence agencies. At the centre of the conspiracy is the manipulation of beliefs about the origins and history of human civilisation, in particular of beliefs about the existence of an advanced civilisation in the ancient past and its influence on the earliest known historical civilisations, primarily that of Egypt.


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