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Nov 21, 2009

A Lucid New Synthesis

From Sacred Mysteries

Robert E. Cox, devoting his life to mastering such abstruse disciplines as the Sanskrit language, the sacred Vedic texts, Pythagorean sacred number and geometry, Alexandrian Hermeticism and laboratory alchemy as well as developing a solid understanding of cutting-edge physics, including string theory, quantum mechanics, and Einstein's theory of relativity, Robert has forged an amalgam of ancient Eastern and Western sacred philosophy with contemporary science, producing

a lucid new synthesis.

Cox's study and rectification of the Vedic cycle of the ages foresees the inevitable establishment of a new Sacred Science, based on the recovery of the science and wisdom of the ancients, amalgamated with the brilliant and most far-reaching insights of contemporary science, which will come to fruition in a not-too-distant Golden Age, an advent that ancient wisdom traditions unanimously indicated will follow the dismantling, now visibly underway, of the structures of materialism, no longer supportable by life on planet earth.

Jay Weidner, author, film-maker and president of Sacred Mysteries Productions comments,
"To learn the ancient wisdom as it applies to the unprecedented circumstances of the present moment from a teacher of Robert Cox's spiritual and intellectual caliber may truly be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and certainly a joyful experience. His absolute lucidity and his articulate teaching are enlivening and profound, but not ponderous and leaden. A genuine maestro, who, through the power and authenticity of his teaching, can move the student forward by a quantum leap.".

A Conversation with Robert Cox

"The Field of Consciousness"


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