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Aug 29, 2008

Infinite Harmony

Ancient Knowledge of DNA

William Henry interviews Michael Hayes about the relationship between numerical patterns embedded in ancient philosophies, and their startling relationship to the DNA code. Either the ancients knew far more about the secrets of the human body than we have supposed, or some deep and unsuspected instinct caused them to create their works around fundamental principles that are also hidden in our DNA.

Michael Hayes is the author of
The Infinite Harmony: Musical Structures in Science and Theology
and The Hermetic Code in DNA: The Sacred Principles in the Ordering of the Universe. He first recognized a common link between all major religions and esoteric doctrines while working in Iran, where he was able to observe the major religions practiced side by side. He believes that the reconance between biology and cosmology shows that life is music, complete with 'overtones,' which are strikingly present in the structure of life itself: DNA.


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