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Oct 8, 2007


TeenScreen - Controversial and Unscientific

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National Public Radio: "This is a program that has some very vocal critics. They say Teenscreen usurps parental authority, sends kids to therapy who might not need it and they say the program encourages families to put adolescents on antidepressant drugs."

January 22, 2007
Local public schools have resisted TeenScreen. San Francisco Unified School District, for example, passed on TeenScreen because it can generate false positives and drain counseling resources, said spokeswoman Gentle Blythe.

The Washington Post
June 16, 2006
"There is weak evidence that screening can distinguish people who will commit suicide from those who will not...And screening inevitably leads to treating some people who do not need it.".
—Ned Calonge
Chairman, U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, Chief Medical Officer,
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

The National Journal
May 20, 2006
"We are still very much groping in the dark, but we know more than we did 25 years ago."
—Laurie Flynn
Executive Director

The Washington Post
June 16, 2006
"By and large, brief diagnostic tests -- especially doing broad screening in children -- are not well validated, and one has to be concerned about missing real illness or, conversely, interpreting transient life troubles as a mental illness requiring intervention... if your instrument is poor, or you don't know how to intervene to prevent a condition like suicide, there is actually a risk of harm. Besides cost and intrusiveness, there is a risk of harm in terms of stigmatization, but also interventions that backfire."
—Steven E. Hyman
Provost at Harvard University,
Former director of the National Institute of Mental Health


At 11:22 PM , Blogger twit said...

"..ever had a sudden feeling of being very afraid?"
-Well done, welcome to life, baby!

"..a mental physical"?
(so near & yet so far)

"kids who took there own lives were 15 times more likely to have taken antidepressants".
Antidepressants will make you so happy, you'll want to die.



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