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Oct 24, 2007

Antiwar Coalition for Truth


It has come to our attention that certain scurrilous, obscene, abusive, harassing, and threatening emails, blog postings, and videos are being fabricated, circulated, sent, and posted on the internet by anonymous provocateurs who are evidently working for the pro-Cheney factions of the US intelligence community. An effort is being made in some quarters to falsely attribute these faked and counterfeit postings, emails, and videos to Webster G. Tarpley, Bruce Marshall, Captain Eric May, and to other persons sympathetic to the Philadelphia Platform and/or the Kennebunkport Warning. Any such attempted attribution is a lie. Actindependent.org and its supporters, including but not limited to the persons named, have no responsibility for these items, and repudiate and condemn them in every way. The internet items in question represent the dirty tricks, provocations, and poison pen sabotage and disruption tactics associated with a world-wide chaos and confusion campaign of cointelpro orchestrated by the Cheney faction as we approach a possible US attack on Iran, Syria and other countries. Anyone who gives credence to these counterfeit items or is responsible for spreading or publicizing them is either a conscious stooge for Cheney, or else is stupidly playing into the hands of the Cheney war faction at a most critical time.
. . .
Nobody should be disoriented for one minute by these transparent internet provocations and dirty tricks. It is rather time to redouble our efforts to stop the Cheney neocon group by pressing for the immediate impeachment of Bush and Cheney, including immediate hearings on 9/11 and on the rogue nuclear B-52 incident, as recently promised by Congressman Kucinich, and as demanded by a growing movement of people's candidates who are running for Congress on the Philadelphia Platform of impeachment, no more war, no more dictatorship, economic recovery, and 9/11 truth. Groups and persons of good will are invited to endorse and publicize the Kennebunkport Warning with its key proviso that any terrorist incident (new 9/11 and/or new Gulf of Tonkin incident) occurring anywhere in the world involving weapons of mass destruction in the weeks and months ahead must be considered the responsibility of the Cheney faction and its allies. [more]


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